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Should a Transaction Coordinator Use Transactly to Build Their Business?

What benefits does Transactly have for independent transaction coordinators, and is it right for you? Working as an independent transaction coordinator can be a challenge. Would you benefit from additional back-office support, or would you enjoy being a part of a growing community of TCs? … Continue readingShould a Transaction Coordinator Use Transactly to Build Their Business?

How to Hire Slowly and Fire Gracefully

We have all heard the saying “Hire slowly and fire quickly.” This is certainly good advice, but sometimes firing quickly can cause unanticipated consequences. It is always in your best interest to end any employment relationship amicably even if that employee didn’t meet your standards. In this article we identify some of the basic steps you can take to minimize your liability when terminating an employee and teach you how to hire slowly and fire gracefully. … Continue readingHow to Hire Slowly and Fire Gracefully

Illegal Interview Questions

Fear not – if you’re worried about asking the wrong interview questions, you can hire the pros at R.E.A. Staffing to screen and interview your candidates for you. Once you’re prepared to meet with the top-tier applicants, we’ll provide you with a list of questions and a variety of tried and true prompts to ensure that your business is protected from legal repercussions.
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How to Keep a Talented Real Estate Assistant Motivated

Imagine this scenario: your assistant has worked with you for about a year. You like them and they get along well with your team and the office. At this point you trust them to complete all of their job duties and when necessary to go above and beyond to help you. You believe that they are loyal and you feel good about their performance. Then, all of a sudden, or perhaps over the course of time, you notice that things are slipping through the cracks. Projects are taking longer to complete and your assistant doesn’t seem as focused as they used to be. What happened? Believe it or not, it’s your job to know how to keep a talented real estate assistant motivated. … Continue readingHow to Keep a Talented Real Estate Assistant Motivated

20 Rules for Succeeding as a Team

Succeeding as a team can be a challenge. Different personalities, different roles and a fair amount of high-stress situations can often make teamwork seem impossible. These are my “golden rules” for working together as an agent/assistant team, although these concepts could really be applied to any boss/assistant relationship. I believe that a great assistant “manages up” and a great boss sets the goals, priorities and standards for the company, and then focuses on production related activities while their staff handles the rest. I encourage you to share this list with your team and discuss which items need some work. … Continue reading20 Rules for Succeeding as a Team