Are You in Good Hands? 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Recruiter

Imagine this: you’re hiring a real estate recruiter. You give them your time, your money and your trust. After three months of unreturned phone calls and not a single interview, it’s clear that they aren’t going to deliver. Now, you’re back at square one, struggling to screen resumes and schedule interviews, all while trying to manage your business. Sounds terrible, right?   

When your money and the momentum of your business is at stake, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t “prescreen” your real estate recruiter. If they can’t answer these five, easy questions, then it’s time to find someone else to help you staff your team.

“How Are You Able to Serve My Needs When You Have Multiple Searches in My Area?”

If your recruiter responds by saying, “Don’t worry about it,” or “You’re our top priority,” then they’re probably not being honest with you. In some instances, candidates are interested in more than one position – and this means that clients could end up competing for a candidate. Creating a fair playing field for clients takes time, effort and dedication. If your recruiter doesn’t have a plan, then they aren’t looking out for your best interests.

At Pro R.E.A. Staffing, we’ve created a detailed, 8-step policy for assigning candidates to jobs – and we will happily share it with any of our clients or candidates. It’s our goal to create transparency and equal opportunity for everyone involved.

“How Do I Know You Won’t ‘Poach’ My Hire in the Future?”

The only acceptable answer to this question is, “We won’t, and we’re happy to sign a form to provide you with that guarantee.” Your recruiter should never contact your hire to inquire about future job opportunities after their initial placement. After all, they’ve worked diligently to ensure that your hire is the perfect fit for your role and company, right? There’s no reason for your recruiter to try to lure your hire elsewhere.

When you work with Pro R.E.A. Staffing, you’re not just working with a recruiter – you’re working with a company that is dedicated to helping you achieve long-term success. We never solicit a candidate that we’ve placed if we know they’re still employed by our client. We work with clients to build purpose-driven partnerships that last.

“What Do You Do to Screen Candidates Before I See Them?”

When you’re presented with a candidate, your recruiter should have already evaluated their work history, skills and potential compatibility with your team. An interview can tell you a lot about a candidate, but screening and assessment tools are paramount in determining whether or not a candidate is suitable for a client.

When our recruiters at Pro R.E.A. Staffing screen a candidate, they perform a phone interview, skills assessment, live video interview and DISC behavioral assessment before presenting them to a client. It’s important to be thorough.

“Do You ‘Prep’ Candidates for Interviews or Fix Their Resumes?”

If your recruiter “polishes” or “preps” the candidate before you see them, then that means that you might not be getting an accurate depiction of who the candidate truly is. When we receive a poorly written resume, we don’t help the candidate rewrite it – we simply let them know that Pro R.E.A. Staffing won’t be moving forward with their placement. You should know who you’re hiring when you make a hire.

“I Posted to the Job Boards and No Good Candidates Applied. What Are You Going to Do Differently?”

When you hire a recruiter, you want someone that can attract high-quality candidates that you can’t find on your own. If your recruiter can’t provide you with a detailed explanation of their sourcing process, then it’s likely that they don’t have the skills and the connections that you’re looking for.

Pro R.E.A. Staffing invests heavily in passive candidate sourcing tools and we employ a full-time sourcer that works tirelessly to uncover candidates that aren’t active on job boards. From newsletters to social media to our ongoing Podcast, “Offer Accepted,” we have countless channels to attract top talent in the real estate industry.


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