How to Implement a Content Marketing Strategy in Real Estate with Zac Shull

The Perfect Content Marketing Strategy
content marketing strategy

Zac Shull is the founder of Coaches and Content, a company that helps small business owners promote their businesses through podcasts and video content. Zac shares different ways that you can use these platforms to build your content marketing strategy and attract more business. 

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Video Content

When creating your marketing plan, it is important to have a plan and strategy. You want to create content with purpose. Real estate content alone will not cut it for realtors because, for most people, it’s all about being top of mind. And that’s when the three E’s come into play: Education, Entertainment, and Engagement. 

Your videos should have a mix of funniness, real estate education, and showcasing your business. These videos don’t have to be overproduced and over-edited just show a glimpse of who you are because you’re your own personal brand. You’re really selling yourself, right? 

In real estate, almost every agent creates video content. It’s important that all agents do it because it helps build relationships with people and increases their clientele. Zac has seen agents that were already making millions make more millions once they started implementing video content. 

Someone might not be ready to buy a house today, maybe in six months, and by constantly putting out video content, you’re staying on top of people’s minds. So when they’re ready to buy or sell a house, they’ll remember you. 

Short-form videos are an example of video content a realtor can produce. Most people have short attention spans, so that’s why short-form videos on apps like Tik Tok make it easy for someone to post videos for their audience. Educational videos are also important, you should always have videos on your website. 

For example, an agent could have a frequently asked questions video, so that way you don’t have to answer emails and messages all the time. You can just say, “Hey, go to my website.” To maximize these videos, put them on your YouTube page, social media, and website. Agents could also create a podcast. Think of a podcast as the art of attracting business and building relationships through conversation. 


If you’re a local real estate agent, you could do a podcast about your town and interview people. Imagine you interview the mayor. Then you post the interview on Social media, YouTube, tag them, and they share it with their audience. You start to build a bond with people. It gives you a reason to talk to people. It makes you relevant, it gives you a platform. And the cost of entry is not a lot with technology today.

You can also repurpose your Podcast interviews, taking out the best parts. From the interview, take out your favorite 45-second clip and turn that into a video. Then post that quick video on TikTok, Instagram, Reels, and YouTube shorts. Having an interview-based show is a great way to give you more content. 

Podcasting isn’t for everyone. Realtors would be good at it since they enjoy talking to others, but it depends on the person. If you don’t do a Podcast, just remember to mix it up. For example, if you are going to make an educational video to teach people how to stage their home, break it down to a couple tips that you could clip out and use for social media posts as well.

If you do decide to do a Podcast, just remember that it does require time commitment. But try to make it easy, based on your schedule. The podcast interview itself doesn’t take much time, generally around 30 minutes. But you also have to take into consideration the time it takes to come up with the interview questions, setting it up, editing, posting,  etc. You should dedicate some time and set aside a scheduled time every week, for example, every Monday from 10 am -11 am to record content. 

Zac believes when creating content, it’s a mix of engraining it in your life and scheduling it.

Your Turn

Realtors don’t want to chase business. They want to attract business. And putting out video content is how to attract business and people. That’s how you’ll develop relationships with people before they even meet you. People will view your social media and go to your website. Then they feel like they already know you before they even met you, which is called parasocial relationship (exposure that garners interest in a persona).

And when you are creating your video content, don’t be afraid to just be you. Even if what you feel is authentic is weird, people really crave authenticity. There’s somebody out there for everyone. 

Be weird and interesting because there are other people who are going to be really connected to that. And there are circles of influence that you’ll connect with outside of that little niche. But if you’re really vanilla and you’re trying to speak to everybody, you will fail. 

You’ve got to have your own unique voice. 



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