Create a Rock-Solid Relationship with Your Agent with Tiffany Lawson

The Right Relationship Can Change Everything
tiffany lawson
Tiffany Lawson has seen it all – especially when it comes to residential real estate. She has worked as an agent, a trainer and an admin, and she also has some incredible insights on building relationships in real estate. I can’t wait to share them with you! 

This week, we’re tackling what it takes to truly be successful in real estate, and how to collaborate with an agent who can help you grow your career.

Are you ready to discover how finding the right person to build a relationship with can change your life? Join us and listen to the latest episode of Offer Accepted with Tiffany Lawson. 
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About Tiffany
A Florida native, Tiffany Lawson has been working her way up the Real Estate ladder since 2014. She began her career working for a residential/commercial real estate company as an assistant to the director of operations. She quickly developed a passion for coaching and training administrative admins. Why? Well, she has always set out to break the glass ceiling in all of her roles. Currently working in a residential sales role, Tiffany has essentially sat in all of the real estate seats.
Tiffany is a graduate of Florida State University, and she has an incredible son who is her whole world. She is looking forward to what lies ahead, in both her professional and personal life and for her family. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys to spending time with family and friends. When flying solo, she loves learning about things that take her out of her comfort zone and exploring new places. 
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