Ep 23 | Shift Your Focus & Double Your Real Estate Business W/ Nicole Sarenpa

Shift Your Focus & Double Your Real Estate Business

What do you think would happen if you let go of all of the “shoulds” in your life and your business? What if you just showed up 100% as yourself every day and you focused on providing value to others while staying true to your personal values?

Would you be happier? Less stressed? Do you think that you could also be MORE successful? We do – and this podcast with Nicole Sarenpa will tell you how.

Nicole Sarenpa

In 2008, Nicole Sarenpa and her husband Tony started selling real estate. They worked tirelessly and they constantly pushed for faster growth. Although their business was expanding, their life was completely out of whack. Their health and family were suffering and they experienced strife and turn-over in the business.

They needed to make a change. Slowly at first, and then with conviction, Nicole and Tony began to shift the way that they approached their business and life as a whole. They centered their actions and decisions around their core values. They slowed down and let go of the things that didn’t serve them. And then, lo and behold, things got BETTER. Their business doubled. It doubled again and it continues to grow.

Today, they have landed on an ever-evolving equilibrium that carefully balances the needs of their family and business. Nicole and Tony are now both pursuing the work that fuels their passion.

Are you ready to recalibrate the balance in your life? It all starts with this podcast. Let’s dive in.

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