Ep 24 | Technology Is Your Most Valuable Asset W/ Bret Shugrue

Technology Is Your Most Valuable Asset
Bret Shugrue

If you’re not using automation to free up your time and focus on your business, then you’re fighting a losing battle. On this week’s episode of Offer Accepted, technology expert Bret Shugrue tackles the changing tech landscape and provides an insightful glimpse into the power behind automation for agents and admins.

AI technology is changing the way people do business in real estate. Are you going to stay on the cutting edge?

Bret Shugrue is the First Technology Coach for KW Maps as well as a Maps on Demand Coach, creator of the Tech-Enabled Agent coaching program, co-creator of Tech Enabled Leader. In short: this is his bread and butter. He is a master of communication and connection, and teaches teams to see (and use) technology as their most valuable asset.

Before you listen to this episode, consider the role that technology plays in your business. How do you utilize it to make your life easier? Are there processes or elements that you’d like to automate but you don’t know how?

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