Ep 27 | Adapt & Succeed: The Transition to Working From Home With Meagan Moulden

Adapt & Succeed: The Transition to Working From Home With Meagan Moulden

Is your world suddenly upside down because of COVID-19?

Many of us are learning to master Zoom, Slack and virtual listing appointments, and some of us have the added obligation of childcare and homeschooling. 

Navigating the new and constantly shifting landscape can be a challenge – even for the most experienced among us. If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated or even confused, then this is the episode for you.

It is definitely worth your time to investigate the position, as many TC’s are able to work completely remote and enjoy a sense of flexibility in their career, while still being considered a key player in the business.

As we navigate these rapid changes and risks together, I wanted to talk to someone who is a well-respected leader in the real estate administrative community. She is in the trenches, trying to navigate working from home and running a real estate team, all while homeschooling her young kids. Meagan Moulden is the Director of Operations for the Kima Real Estate group in North Carolina. She has some incredible insights and ideas to share with you that she learned after moving her 7-person team online. 

Meagan shares her perspective on swift adaptation, balance and navigating the challenges that ensue when work/family are no longer separated. 

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