Ep 29 | Clint Muhlenberg | Leading the Way With Virtual Assistants

Leading the Way With Virtual Assistants

With the employment landscape changing and many companies working entirely from home, COVID has brought the need for (and the benefits of) virtual assistants to the forefront of our minds. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with Clint Muhlenberg and discuss the logistics behind working with a virtual assistant, and, more specifically, what it’s like to work with a virtual assistant from the Philippines. 

Clint runs a company called Level. They provide top-notch virtual assistants from the Philippines to real estate agents and companies across the United States. He has a massive team, and Clint and I share similar philosophies regarding hiring, training and managing remote employees. I can’t think of anyone that would be better suited to discuss this topic. Start listening now to join the discussion! 

About Clint
clint muhlenberg

Clint Muhlenberg’s passion for real estate is rivaled only by his love for helping agents, teams, and admin in the industry succeed. An accomplished operations leader and graduate of Texas A&M University, Clint has years of experience working with esteemed real estate companies, including one of the top ten Keller Williams Realty teams worldwide. A self-proclaimed lover of chaos, he thrives under high-pressure work situations that would make others question their sanity.

While consulting throughout the industry, Clint had a lingering thought: how can leverage be easier? Thus Level was born, a Virtual Assistant company specializing in the real estate industry. Under Clint’s guidance, Level has boosted productivity for real estate businesses by providing outsourced employees in administrative, operations, and marketing roles, among others. His objective is to provide a sense of ease for his clients and prevent them from, in his professional opinion, “working too damn much.”

Outside of work, Clint enjoys giving back to his community by mentoring middle and high school students as well as making people laugh, though he still needs work in this area.  

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