Ep 35 | Day in the Life: Director of Marketing & Operations with Jessica Yeager

What Does a Director of Marketing & Operations Do?
Jessica Yeager
I knew the moment I met Jessica that I needed to have her on the podcast. Her unstoppable attitude and seemingly endless drive is inspiring, and her journey is relatable to anyone working in real estate.
As a Marketing Director and Operations Director for a very large and busy team (when I say busy, I mean they did over 100 transactions in July of 2020!), she has insights that can help any admin grow to be more successful in their role. 
Jessica also provides some helpful information on what it is that a Marketing/Operations Director actually does, and how their role might fit into the framework of a multifaceted real estate team. Better yet, she created a clever program to help real estate professionals talk about real estate on social media… without annoying their friends and family. We’ll discuss this, how her team is tackling COVID, the trust she maintains with her boss and more. 
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About Jessica
Jes Yeager comes from an entrepreneurial background, having owned a photography studio in Ferndale, Detroit & Clawson from 2003-2013. She has been working in Real Estate for the past 8 years. She has a love of all things Real Estate Marketing especially social media, graphic design, branding and 36+ Touch Plans. She brings a unique and unexpected perspective to marketing real estate agents and teams. Jes co-manages a Facebook group for real estate admin, with 1700+ members, called Admin Success Principles. For the past 2 years, she teaches various marketing topics within that group monthly. Jes loves nonsense and doggos.
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