Evaluate and Adapt Ep 31 | Your Marketing Strategy With Andre Bodnar

Make the Most of Your Marketing

Let’s face it: whether we like it or not, the landscape of real estate marketing has changed. Virtual open houses have become the new norm, and agents across the country are thinking of inventive (and sometimes amusing) ways to keep selling. While some COVID marketing methods have proven to be successful, others have fallen painfully flat. So, what’s working? And what isn’t?

My guest this week is Andre Bodnar, the founder of Artifakt Digital. Andre’s agency is well-versed in the ways of real estate marketing. He offers some valuable insight on how his clients are adapting their marketing strategies to navigate the waters of COVID, and we discuss the best way to manage creative employees.

In a time where it’s increasingly important to keep moving forward, this podcast episode can help you answer that looming (and difficult) question: “What’s next?”

About Andre Bodnar
andre bodnar

Andre is the founder of Artifakt Digital, a digital strategy agency specializing in fully custom and strategic real estate websites, marketing, PPC, and lead generation for North America’s top-producing real estate agents, teams, brokerages, and related industries. His mission is to help North America’s top-producing real agents achieve higher levels of success through digital strategy.

Andre wants to know how you’re changing your marketing in response to COVID-19. Fill out this short survey and receive the collective report when it’s finished.

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