How Does the Culture of a Team Impact Success? || Interview With Realtor Debbie Sharp

How Does Culture Impact Success?

When I think of a real estate team with a strong sense of shared values and mission, Debbie Sharp’s team, The Sharp Group in Burlingame, California is one of the first teams to come to mind. Since starting in real estate 17 years ago, Debbie has sold over $600M in real estate, and she is ranked among the top 1% of Realtors in San Mateo County. Throughout that time, she has managed to hold on to her key employees. Today most of her team members have been with her for more than five years.

In this interview, you’ll hear Debbie talk about her team’s commitment to diversity and how that contributes to her success. She shares that serving their clients but not being servants TO their clients, and most endearing of all, her commitment to having FUN in the process.

Learn more about Debbie Sharp and her team here.

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