How Real Estate Culture Impacts Vision and Mission

ryan mccarty
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What does it mean to start with “why,” and what impact does having a defined company culture and a set of core values have on your bottom line? Well, you’re about to find out. In this interview, I discuss culture, vision, mission and quality of life with Ryan McCarty. Ryan is a coach, mentor, and consultant to many of the top realtors in San Francisco. As a Consultant for Reside Real Estate in San Francisco, Ryan helps top performing sales agents grow successful teams. His insights into the real estate industry and team building are a revolutionary to anyone in the industry looking to hire top-talent or leverage their team.

Building With Pro R.E.A

Ryan and I met when he was a Keller Williams team leader several years ago. He recognized that my company, Pro R.E.A. Staffing could help him recruit more agents by helping them solve their biggest problem, which is of course: hiring great people. He’s changed brokerages countless times since then, and I’ve honestly lost count of how many top agents I’ve helped him recruit. He has incredible insight and our interview is filled with amazing nuggets. He has years researching the real estate industry and know what can be accomplished with a great team.

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