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How to Let Go of Tasks and Delegate

Does anyone else struggle with delegating tasks? I get it – sometimes it’s hard to let go. If you are a micromanager or you know that you need to trust your staff and delegate to your team so that you can grow in your role, this video is for you. Today I’m going to share five strategies that helped me transition from being the “Jill of All Trades” in my business to being the leader of a highly effective team.

how to let go of tasks
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Don’t Worry - You’re Not Alone

As the President and Founder of Pro R.E.A. Staffing, I’m no stranger to the struggle of delegating. I’ve been a recruiter for 15 years, and every year my business grew, I had to allow people to take on new roles. Bookkeeping? Extremely easy for me to give up. Communicating with my clients and working a recruiter? Not so much. When you’ve been managing things on your own for so long, it can be hard to let go and give someone else the wheel.

It’s Easy to Lose Focus

When the tasks you’re delegating are things that you like doing or that you’re talented at, it can be a challenge to remind yourself that you are delegating tasks so you can grow into your new role. You may love doing these smaller tasks and projects, but you need to leverage your skills so you can allow your company (and your employees) to flourish. It’s time to step into a bigger role! Watch this video and you’ll quickly discover that you CAN delegate and it’s okay to let go. We promise.

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