How to Land Your Dream Job with Raj Suprameyer

Do you ever wonder...

“How do I land my dream job? What is my ideal job? Am I willing to put the work in to get where I want to go?”

It’s hard being unsatisfied with your current job and knowing that you’re made for more, but being unsure of what direction to take.

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Raj Suprameyer is the author of Skyrocket Your Career: The No Bullsh*t Approach to Find Your Dream Job, Be Successful in It, and Transform into a Rockstar. Raj shares specific strategies that you can take to go from where you are today to becoming a total rock star at a job you absolutely love. 

The Origin Story

Raj grew up in an academically oriented family in Chenna, India. He was an average kid who constantly compared himself to others which resulted in disappointment, anxiety, depression, and stress. He felt like an outcast. 

During his second year of college, all this pressure led to his first panic attack. He knew he needed to make a change in his life. He started by writing down all his fears and the different strategies he was going to do to overcome them.

Raj’s new mindset led him to success. Over the past 15 years, Raj has held different leadership positions in the Tech industry and has coached hundreds of people. 

He transformed from a shy, introverted kid into an international keynote speaker, author, and tech career strategist running a six figure business.

Raj’s Strategies

Strategy #1: Do a mind dump exercise. It’s one of the simplest exercises to do, but it’s so powerful because all the things you want to do in life is in your mind.

Take a paper and pen, put a vertical line through the middle of the paper. Under the left column of the paper, write down all the things you love or like to do. Then under the right column, write down all the things you hate to do and don’t want to do. Do this for 30 minutes without any distractions.

Once you finish, you’re going to see patterns based on things you like to do. These patterns are what kind of job you should focus on.

Strategy #2: Improve your LinkedIn profile. Identify six to seven career options based on your mind dump results, pick the top three career options, and then start updating your LinkedIn profile to reflect those three career options.

Remember your profile is not about your current job, it should have the information you need to get to your next job. Create three different types of resumes for the jobs you want, because each require different skill sets, keywords, and jargon which people want to see on your resume. Then strategically start applying. Also, try including a catchy headline on your profile that immediately catches a reader’s eye.

Strategy #3: Build your personal brand. Your brand includes your social media footprint and network. What are some actionable things you can do to build your brand? First, be active on LinkedIn. Start posting on LinkedIn and engaging in other people’s posts. If you aren’t in the tech, sales, or marketing industry, maybe you’re in photography or fitness, Instagram is where you want to build your profile.

Next, grow your network by attending conferences. Especially nowadays since 90% of conferences are online. Look at who the speakers will be and reach out to them via LinkedIn to let them know you are excited about their speech. Once you start connecting with these influencers and thought leaders; then you start learning more and getting more opportunities.

Strategy #4: Never stop learning. Build your skill set by participating in continuous learning. There are thousands of people applying for the same job. What is going to make them choose you over them? That’s where these extra courses come into play.

Strategy #5: Create a vision and goals. What is your vision for the next 5 year? Identify the goals needed to reach that vision. Then identify the tasks needed to reach those goals. If you have a clear vision, goals, and tasks, then sky’s the limit.



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