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The Tools, Technology and Systems Real Estate Consultant Ashley Golladay Recommends to Her Clients
Ashley Golladay is a real estate consultant who collaborates with real estate teams and brokerages to tackle challenges related to people, systems, and technology.

Ashley Golladay is a real estate consultant who collaborates with real estate teams and brokerages to tackle challenges related to people, systems, and technology. Ashley’s expertise lies in analyzing what works and what doesn’t, and she fearlessly implements transformative solutions. Ashley shares invaluable insights about being a consultant and educates agents on leading, managing, and fortifying their real estate team. 


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The Road to Becoming a Real Estate Consultant

In 2004, Ashley started her career at Keller Williams as an MCA, providing support to the team leader in office operations and accounting. Over the course of several years and various locations, she discovered that her true calling lay beyond being an employee. She embarked on a path of training others, sharing her expertise, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiencies. As a certified trainer and coach, Ashley’s passion for teaching flourished. 

Ashley’s transition into consulting was driven by her need for flexibility and a desire to break free from the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job. As a consultant, Ashley now enjoys the freedom to choose her clients and walk away from partnerships that don’t align. However, she acknowledges the challenges that come with consulting, comparing it to being a salesperson, as she must actively seek clients and promote herself. Consequently, her income fluctuates from earning $1,000 in some months to making $20,000 in others, emphasizing the importance of consistent self-payment to mitigate the impact. Through her journey, Ashley discovered a passion for teaching and guiding others, and finding fulfillment in helping individuals excel in their roles.

For those considering a consulting career, Ashley emphasizes the importance of identifying one’s value proposition, strengths, weaknesses, and desired focus. By staying true to herself and not succumbing to lucrative offers that deviate from her true path, she has successfully cultivated a career aligned with her interests and abilities. 


What Agents Should Know

As a real estate consultant, Ashley observes and recognizes certain individuals, systems, and patterns of behavior that often go unacknowledged. This mirrors the challenges faced by brokerages and teams with their employees. Many persist in outdated practices, hoping for different outcomes. Scaling up from ten to a hundred agents requires reevaluating strategies, solutions, and foundations. It’s puzzling how some brokerages overlook the importance of building a strong foundation for growth. 

The real estate industry is gradually embracing the use of data and becoming more data-driven, which is a significant development. However, there is a notable absence of analytics and measurement when it comes to team performance. Soleox, a custom product, fills this gap by measuring a real estate team’s production level and Gross Commission Income (GCI), providing valuable clarity. Nevertheless, there remains a need for data to be presented in a consumable and functional manner for agents. Ashley’s goal is to help real estate teams locate the data and put it in a way that’s consumable and functional for them and includes flexibility and customization.

In terms of managing a  real estate team, it’s crucial to make agents feel valued and recognized. Simple gestures like sending automated birthday texts or emails can go a long way in making agents feel seen and appreciated. However, taking it a step further by publicly acknowledging agents’ milestones and achievements on social media platforms can amplify the impact. The visibility among peers creates a sense of significance and taps into the inherent competitiveness of people. Ultimately, the key to running a successful real estate brokerage lies in understanding agents’ desire to be acknowledged and appreciated which results better customer retention and overall success.


Real Estate Consultants = Switzerland

In her consultant role, Ashley assumes the role of Switzerland, acting as a mediator. When she joins a team, she can perceive the reality of the situation and identify the underlying issues. She gains a clear understanding of the business’s true state and can provide an evaluation that outlines the necessary solutions or problem areas that require attention. Ashley can effectively convey the reasons why progress is hindered and present a roadmap to overcome obstacles. 

Ashley’s role involves presenting plans, implementing new technologies, and providing training. However, it is the leader’s responsibility to guide the shift that accompanies these changes. To effect meaningful change, a consultant must be willing to engage in difficult and candid conversations with owners or leaders. This is where her impartiality as a third party comes into play. Being the neutral intermediary grants Ashley the freedom to communicate the unspoken truths and provide the owner with the necessary guidance.


Establishing A Thriving Real Estate Team

For change to happen, it all boils down to having the desire and motivation to learn. When a sales agent becomes a leader, the focus shifts from oneself to supporting the individuals who contribute to the collective goals. Prioritizing one’s people is paramount. Successful teams and brokerages differ from stagnant ones because they understand the importance of transcending the self and recognizing the larger purpose. As a consultant, Ashley takes great pride in guiding leaders through the process of discovery and supporting them in establishing thriving real estate teams.



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