The Art Of Leveraging Your Real Estate Admin Team for Massive Growth

Maximizing Business Growth with a Strong Admin Team: Insights from the Director of Operations at Renee White Team
The Art Of Leveraging Your Real Estate Admin Team for Massive Growth

Darlene Kincaid is the Director of Operations for the Renee White team in Walnut Creek, California. She recently shared some insights on how they leverage their admin team to support their sales team and protect their brand. As a small but mighty Keller Williams team, they were able to do 199 transactions last year. In this article, we’ll discuss how they have built a strong foundation for their business and how they attract, onboard, take care of, and retain top buyer’s agents.

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Shoring up your foundation

Before bringing in new buyer’s agents, Darlene’s team focused on shoring up the foundation of their business. Specifically, team recognized that they needed to know their value and what they could offer potential agents. In fact, they found the approach of promising to of hand over leads to the new agents attracted the wrong type of person. They wanted to work with people who wanted to be part of something bigger.

To attract the right people, they had to figure out the real value of being on their team. They realized that it was all the systems they had in place, their open houses certification class, and the plug-and-play processes that they offered. By leading with these benefits, they were able to create a different environment and attract the right people who were willing to work hard to make the team successful.

Protecting your brand

The Renee White team believes that together, they can do more. Furthermore, they brand everything under the Renee White team, and they present themselves as a united force in the market. The team believes that by pooling all their resources and presenting themselves in this way, they can have more influence and power in the market. However, they also recognize that not everyone wants to be part of a team like this, and that’s okay. They want agents who believe in their brand philosophy. The team’s brand helps each person on the team, and coming on board immediately gives agents credibility.

To protect their brand, they have to be clear about their point of view and hold strong to it. They want to attract people who believe in their same values. They have had situations where potential agents have resisted their branding and autonomy. As a result, they have learned to have more conversations with them to ensure that they’re a good fit for the team.

Onboarding and taking care of buyer's agents

The Renee White team understands that attracting top buyer’s agents is only half the battle. Moreover, they also need to onboard them properly and take care of them to ensure that they stay with the team for the long haul. The team understands the importance of having admin support staff in place to support their agents in executing their value proposition. They want their buyer’s agents to be experts in their field and to provide the best experience for their clients. The Renee White Team encourages their agents to spend time becoming knowledgeable about the market, financing, and what they need to look for when reviewing sections and disclosures. They want to strip away all the noise and focus on what’s important. 


In conclusion, running a successful team requires knowing the real value of being on the team, having a clear point of view, holding strong to it, and protecting the brand. By focusing on becoming experts in their craft, the team’s agents can deliver the best experience to their clients.



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