The Business Owner Mindset with Haley Lobosco

Discover the Secrets to Successful Leadership with Haley Lobosco: Unleashing the Power of Force Multipliers
The Business Owner Mindset with Haley Lobosco

Do you want to up your game as a leader? Haley Lobosco and I discuss what becoming a leader entails and how a force multiplier can become a strategic partner.

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Haley is a force to be reckoned with. She was the Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant for a large real estate team in Arizona. From there, she moved on to becoming the Director of Operations for a worldwide real estate brokerage firm and now she’s a business coaching consultant.

She works with Kathleen Metcalf by providing training through the 90 Days to Thrive program and works with real estate agents and admin to develop their leadership skills. 

Are You Ready To Be A Leader?

When Haley begins talking to an agent or a CEO who is looking to hire an executive assistant, she asks them that key question. Haley wants to ensure that the agent planning to hire is ready mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to step into that leadership role and what those expectations look like. If the agent is not willing and able to be committed to growing as a leader, then they are not going to find that person who’s really going to give them the leverage that they’re looking for. 

What does a leader need to be willing and ready to do? Haley loves how Brene Brown describes brave leadership, because a leader doesn’t have to have all of answers and doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea of being a brave leader is that he or she is coming in vulnerable, that they are willing to be authentically themselves.

A leader should be ready to hire someone to help them leverage what they’re really good at. That person can then come in as a force multiplier, they force multiply the agent allowing the agent to stay in their genius zone. That’s where partnership comes into place, that’s what leadership is. It’s not having all of the answers, but it’s being brave enough to be uncomfortable, having fierce conversations, providing feedback, delegating, and showing up authentically. Simon Sinek says, “Leadership isn’t about being in charge, it’s about taking care of the people in your charge.” 

The Force Multiplier as A Leader

For a force multiplier, one key piece is being able to see themselves as leaders. And at times that means asking their boss the hard questions. It’s very easy to just agree with everything that the boss says but how is that being kind to them? Being kind is sometimes telling someone what they don’t want to hear, but what they need to hear. And that’s part of an admin’s role.

Haley believes it is important that admins see themselves as leaders because they’re leading their boss just as much as they’re leading them. When an admin provides feedback or works with somebody who is ready to hear those hard questions, they end up leaving the conversation feeling more empowered. When a leader works on something that he or she is really passionate about or is growing their business, it is essential to have conversations that elicit growth and are thought-provoking, even if there may be differences of opinion. 

Having a force multiplier as an agent means having someone who consistently executes tasks outside of the agent’s strength zone and asks tough questions on their behalf. The force multiplier is building a business with their agent, for their agent. They are the gatekeeper, the executor, manages all of the systems and processes, so that the agent can consistently stay at the top of their game.

The agent is casting the vision, and the force multiplier is building the business. The leader is telling them what direction they want to go and the force multiplier is simply guiding. They’re guiding the agent and guiding everyone else who’s supporting the agent. In return, the leader is providing them space to grow and thrive. 

Pour Into Your Admin

A strategic force multiplier feels fulfilled helping their leader thrive both personally and professionally. Force multipliers are creating a life where their leader thrives and is able to pour into others. That contribution is the truest gift that force multipliers could provide in this world. 

Coaching, training, personal development, clear communication, and empowering your admin to take an active part in business development are ways to pour into your admin. Leaders should also invite their admin to their business meetings, even if it is just to take notes. Force multipliers want to hear how their leader communicates at a high level with other people in the business.

An agent wants their admin to communicate the same way that they communicate with others, right? Admins should have that autonomy to make decisions without their boss micromanaging them. And the only way that they can do that is by listening to these conversations. Remember, confidence comes through competency over time. The more competent an admin feels is a reflection of the learning opportunities they experience first-hand.

Also, agents can pour into their admins by completing the amazing 90 Days to Thrive curriculum for new hires. Haley and her fellow coaches create a structured curriculum and coach both the leader and their admin, as it is a collaboration between two people coming together to create something really magical. 

Haley’s goal is always to level up the standard of professionalism within the industry and make an impact on people’s lives, both personally and professionally. She helps guide, support, train, and push a leader and their admin to step into greatness. If you’re an admin, a force multiplier, an agent, we all have so much that we could be doing if we just stepped out of our own way. And so that’s why Haley is here, to help you to achieve that.



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